Under the Earl’s Spell – Extended Epilogue


Louisa’s stomach had protruded quite well. Her babe was growing beautifully within her, and she could not wait to birth it. It was quite a sunny day and an eventful one at that. Louisa was pleased to be hosting a ball for Christianna, Edward’s sister, who had returned from Bath of recent.

Upon the announcement of her return through a letter, Edward had been looking for ways to make her homecoming a special one. It was then that Louisa suggested a ball for Christianna’s upcoming birthday. Christianna had been thrilled and so was everyone who was in attendance. Gathering the skills she had learned while she worked with Lady Richmond, Louisa organized a beautiful ball and was the host. Although Edward insisted that she rest, given her condition, Louisa’s response had been quite straightforward.

“I am pregnant, Edward. Not handicapped.”

That response had silenced Edward so all he could do was kiss her and sigh in exasperation. The past year had been beautiful as the Countess of Carnarvon. Life with Edward had been just as she had imagined it to be, beautiful, filled with love and new adventures. Edward was her soulmate, and she would forever be grateful that they had found each other.

Louisa observed the ballroom. It was filled with everyone she loved and more. The Dowager Countess was present and was at a corner of the ballroom with her Ladies. Lady Richmond — Juliana, as she had insisted that Louisa called her, as well as Lord Owen, were sharing a dance at the center of the ballroom. They would return to London in a fortnight, just in time for the new season, then there was Christianna, exchanging pleasantries and appreciating those who were in attendance. But there was someone Louisa had not seen and…

“Your eyes dart across the room rapidly. Is it I whom you seek?” Edward requested from behind her, one hand circling her waist.

Louisa fought a broad grin. He always did that…walk up behind her and hold her in that way, and she loved it. But she decided to tease him.

“How many times have I warned you about sneaking up on me, my Lord?” she whispered, glancing to her side.

Edward was grinning. He still held her close. “Many a time. Pardon me, my love. I always lose count. But you do like it, do you not?” he added in a sultry voice, leaning close. That voice made her insides twist. She was pregnant and her cravings had increased. Any sexual attempt Edward made now was more highlighted to her and he knew this, which was why he did too much in so little a time.

Louisa rolled her eyes. “You enjoy this, do you not?”

Edward chuckled. “Every bit of it, my love.”

Louisa sighed. “Christianna is happy.”

“Ecstatic is the word, darling. She says the ball is so beautiful. More than what she ever imagined. ”

“I am glad,” Louisa said with pride. “With the season commencing soon, we should host a ball or two.” Louisa had something in mind.

“Why do you feel so eager to do so?” Edward asked. He knew her too well, Louisa thought. He had so easily detected that she was on to something.

“Christianna said she returned because she is ready to find love.”

“And you believe organizing balls would be of help?” Edward asked, confusion in his voice.

Louisa saw, from where she stood, Christianna was gathered by Ladies of similar age with her. They were all caught up in a discussion, laughing and speaking in low tones; however, Christianna’s eyes were trained farther away from where this gathering was. They were focused on a gentleman who stood alone, his dark hair laid back, his expression that of one who was most uninterested in what was happening in his environ, and his mien laid back. Louisa found this interesting.

Christianna loved balls and she seemed excited by all the arrangements and even all the dances, she was so good at it. There was a happiness in her eyes when she had walked into the ballroom. It reminded Louisa of how she looked at flowers. Something about that scene had told her that Christianna’s love would be found inside a ballroom. She had, after all, fallen for Edward during one of their walks, while she picked out flowers. Something similar could happen to Christianna. It was just her instincts talking to her, but Louisa strongly believed in them.

“Well, I only hope for my sister to find her soulmate,” Edward whispered in her ears. “Just as I have found mine.” He kissed her cheek.

Louisa blushed. She turned to look at Edward, she wanted more than that kiss, so she leaned into Edward and whispered seductively, “Shall we retire now? And make love?”

Edward’s eyes lit up; his eyes danced with excitement. He bit his lips and held her close. “However tempting that is, we have to stay, my dear. You are the host after all.”

Louisa sighed. This was true. Edward chuckled and kissed her cheek again. “Do not look so defeated. A little more patience and when the ball is over, we shall retire and I shall make love to you, quite slowly.” His voice was husky as he uttered the words, sending chills down her spine.

Louisa sucked in a breath. She could not wait for the ball to be over, so she could have her husband in her arms, just as she did every night since they were wed. Their hearts beating together under the music of their love.

She had finally found bliss, a happiness she had not dared to dream of. But it was real, and it was there, embracing her tightly, filling her insides, vibrating from every pore of her body. For the first time in her life, Louisa was completely and utterly happy.

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