The Wallflower’s Scandalous Blooming- Extended Epilogue


Emma sighed in happiness as she let her hand stroke her swelling belly. She was only a few months into her pregnancy, but she could swear that she felt the baby kicking already.

Then again, it might have just been her wishful imagination.

Nathaniel caught her with her hand upon her stomach and his eyes twinkled. He made a point to glance away, but she let her hand continue roaming across the curve of her stomach, searching desperately for the tiny kick she’d thought she’d felt only moments before.

All around her members of the Ton twirled by her; some to the ballroom floor, others to the refreshment table. Most of them were chatting and laughing at whatever conversation they were engaged in. Emma had no desire for any of that; she simply wanted to spend the night cuddled up next to her husband, debating what name they should give the baby.

The ball was loud and full of laughter. The musicians were striking up yet another chord when she sighed, wondering when they would be able to retreat back to the manor. She and Nathaniel enjoyed having their nights out, but they were happiest at home, away from the Ton and their love of gossip and scandals. It simply did not suit either of them, but they did their best by attending, at least.

The positive side to attending balls was that she got to see her parents and sister. Her mother and father were deep in discussion with several of the other lords and ladies, but she could not spy Rosalind anywhere.

Nathaniel smiled at her on her left side. He reached over, placing his hand upon hers.

“Do you think the baby is kicking?” he asked, chuckling. “You know the physician said that it’s a trick of your mind.”

“I know,” she said. “I just want the little one to arrive so much that I can’t bear being without him or her any longer. Oh, Nathaniel, I’m sure that the baby is going to look like a tiny miniature of you. I just want to hold our child and fall away from the world with our sweet little family.”

“And I want the same,” he whispered to her. “But we can count on one thing, at least.”

Her brows pulled together and a tiny pout of confusion graced her lips.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“The baby will at least have your bright green eyes,” he stated with a little laugh. “Here, I shall go to the refreshment table and find you something to nibble on. You should be eating more in your condition! Forgive me, my darling, my head was simply in the clouds as I marveled over how beautiful you look in that shade of pink.”

She blushed, her cheeks as rosy pink as her dress. Emma thanked him, and he bent low to kiss her forehead before wandering off in search of refreshments.

Emma smiled as she watched him walk away. He was such a kind and caring husband, as she had known he would be. He was, after all, a good man; the best she had ever known.

She lost sight of him momentarily, but her attention was pulled to a nearby table.

Lady Clarissa was seated there, looking melancholy and upset. Her lips were pulled down in a perpetual frown, and she had lines on either side of her mouth from her face being drawn in constant negativity.

“No, no,” she said. “No, thank you. I simply will not allow myself one ounce of sugar. I must remain elegant for my husband, and if I gain one pound more…”

Her voice lilted in what sounded like a sob, though Emma saw no tears in her eyes. Lady Clarissa caught Emma’s eye and looked away, ashamed, though Emma bore her no ill will. She wished that Lady Clarissa could be as happy in her pregnancy as Emma was, but if she were still caught up in the high standards that the Ton set…

Well, then, there was nothing Emma could do to help her.

She sighed, content in the knowledge that her husband would love her no matter her size. In fact, he had only sweet, beautiful words to say about her body.

She spied him at the refreshment table then, his golden hair easily visible through the crowd. She could see the plate in his hands; it had beef tongue, brioche, grapes and melon in a little tower in the center of it. He was a darling in the fact that he always made sure that she had eaten enough for her and the baby.

He is going to be the best father. Caring, kind, ever-present… I could not have chosen a better man to have a family with.

In their months together, he had always ensured that she held no concerns over her body and had told her how beautiful and statuesque he thought her. His sweet words had only increased with her pregnancy, and he was so excited about being able to hold their baby for the first time.

“Emma!” she heard across the ballroom as the musicians finished their number.

She turned to see her sister walking quickly towards her, her hair falling long around her collarbones and down her back. She was dressed in a goldenrod yellow that made her skin tone look lovely, but for some reason, her sister didn’t look happy.

“Rosalind!” she cried. “Whatever is the matter, sister?”

Rosalind huffed for breath, her face ever so slightly red. She looked as though she were in some sort of distress, her eyes wide with worry. She sat down at the table, craning her neck.

“Where is Nathaniel?” she asked.

“He’s off to the refreshment table,” Emma explained. “But Rosalind—”

“Sister,” Rosalind said. “Please, listen. I am in need of your assistance.”

“My assistance?” Emma asked. “But—”

She stopped, seeing the look on Rosalind’s face. She nodded at once, holding her arm out for her sister who took it without a word. Emma whisked Rosalind away, her head turning this way and that. She was looking for an empty corner, anywhere that they could speak without worry of eavesdroppers or interruption.

After a moment of ushering Rosalind around the party, Emma finally spied a quiet, vacant corner. She guided Rosalind towards it, ushering her around a wide pillar in the ballroom towards the edge of the room.

“Now, please, sister… Whatever is the matter?” Emma asked.

Rosalind looked around, swivelling her head left and right to ensure they were quite alone. When she was satisfied, she opened her mouth and began to speak. The music rose up again as Emma leaned in, listening intently to what her sister had to say…


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  • Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Such kind and loving main characters and such a dastardly evil self-serving opponent caring nothing of wrecking lives. And mean girls in the Ton. All the ingredients for an intriguing story. In the end everything turned out so perfectly. What about Rosalind?

  • I really enjoyed this book. There were a lot of “twists and turns” toward the end. I stayed up real late to finish – I had to find out if there would be “justice” for Emma. I look forward to your next new release.

    • Thank you so much for your positive feedback, dear Janie! I’m delighted that my story was interesting enough to make you stay up at night to finish it! Stay patient, and more are about to come 😉

  • I really enjoyed this book. It had a great story line with lots of unexpected twists. It keeps you guessing in a good way. I hope we will find out what happens with Emma’s sister.

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    • Thank you so much for your supportive comment, dear Cecilia! Your excitement for my book gives me a great drive-will to keep writing! Stay tuned because Rosalind’s story will be prepared soon 😉

  • Sweet story. Nice to see the triumph of a plump girl. It’s true some fat women are gorgeous and some men love curves.
    It’s good to find a romance novel with adequate proof-reading, a rare thing these days; and not too many anachronistic Americanisms – though I did spot an ‘off of’, which I am sure no-one in Regency England would ever have thought, much less uttered.

    • Thank you for your comment, Rosemary! I’m glad you enjoyed this story!

      My editing team and I do our best to be historically accurate in terms of language and customs, though some slip-ups might happen from time to time. Thanks for pointing it out, and I hope you can forgive it.

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