The Viscount’s Sinister Past – Extended Epilogue


Two Years Later

“Anthony!” Lydia was standing in one of the guest bedrooms doing a final check to make sure the room was completely ready for her father. One of the windows overlooked the lane leading to the house, and in the distance, she could make out a procession of three carriages coming down the lane.

“Anthony,” she called out again. “They’re here!”

“Okay, okay, everything’s ready,” he called back from the hallway, his voice getting louder as he entered the room to join her.

Lydia smiled at her husband. Her heart still skipped a beat whenever she was in his presence. Anthony returned her smile and slid his arms around her waist.

“Is George in the nursery?” Lydia asked.

“He is. The nursemaid said he is not to be disturbed from his nap.”

“I suppose we must do as the nursemaid says,” Lydia said with a little smile.

They had employed Maud soon after George’s birth and had quickly realized she was very strict about maintaining a set schedule for the child.

“While Georgie sleeps, we can tell everyone about our little announcement,” Anthony said with a grin as he caressed his wife’s stomach.

Lydia stared down ruefully at the unmistakable roundness of her belly and sighed. “I don’t think we’ll need to make any announcements. I’m as big as an elephant already!”

“Big and beautiful,” Anthony whispered, nuzzling her ear. He loved seeing her big with his child. Lydia quivered with excitement and a soft moan escaped her lips.

Pulling away regretfully, Anthony shook his head. “Unless you want to be detained in greeting your family, we should go downstairs posthaste.”

Lydia knew he was right, but she couldn’t help but give him a little pout.

Placing a kiss upon her lips, Anthony whispered, “Patience my dear, tonight I shall ravish you.”

The clatter of hooves and the rumble of carriage wheels indicated that her father and the Montagu’s had arrived. With a cry of excitement, Lydia hurried down the stairs to welcome her guests, with Anthony following closely behind.

As Lydia had predicted, they didn’t need to make an announcement. One look at Lydia and Eliza started clapping her hands with joy.

“I do so hope it’s a girl this time!” she cried out happily as she embraced Lydia. The Baron and Edward offered Anthony their congratulations with hearty handshakes.

Mrs. Potts arrived and within minutes had whisked away the children so the adults could settle in and converse properly. Eliza stared fondly at Mrs. Potts’ retreating figure. “She’s a marvel, your housekeeper. The children do love her so.”

“I don’t know what I would do without her,” Lydia admitted, “She takes such good care of everything, and Georgie just worships her.”

“Speaking of Georgie, where is he?” The Baron asked, anxious to see his grandson.

“He’s still napping,” Lydia explained, “but he will be up before teatime.”

Anthony gestured to Edward and the Baron. “In the meantime, come to the study. Let me show you the plans I have drafted for my next business venture…”

The men left the sitting room while Lydia and Eliza settled into comfortable chairs to catch up on their lives.

“Tell me everything that’s happening in London,” Lydia demanded.

“Everyone is still talking about Lady Beatrice’s passing,” Eliza said.

“Still?” Lydia was surprised. Her aunt had passed a couple of months ago in a tragic accident. “I would have thought everyone would be on to something else by now.”

“Not when there are so many doubts about how she died.”

“What do you mean?” Lydia felt puzzled. “She fell down the stairs. Everyone should know that”

“It seems everyone suspects her husband.”

“This is my uncle you are speaking of…”

Eliza shook her head, “there isn’t any proof or evidence. But it’s common knowledge that he was responsible for her death. You know, they found her at the foot of the stairs with a broken neck.”

“Yes, but that was because of the fall”

“Maybe, but the latest gossip is that their maid overheard a horrific argument between Lady Beatrice and your uncle right before she died. I wonder what they argued about.”

Lydia had an inkling what it might have been about, but she didn’t think she was ready just then to share her theories with Eliza. She had never told her the sordid details of Anthony’s connection with her aunt. Some things were too painful to share, even with a best friend.

“Anyway, I just thought you should know. Now I hear, Sophia—your cousin—will be staying with your father and be attending her first season?

Lydia nodded. Her father had told that he was already feeling worried about finding Sophia a husband. Poor Papa, Lydia thought to herself, just as he managed to get me married off and well settled, he was having to start the husband hunt all over again.

“I gather he’s not too thrilled about having to do another season.”  Eliza said grimly. “We’ll all have to help her, he’s asked me to do what I can. Your father felt that, given the scandal surrounding her mother’s death, she could use the influence and power of a Marquis behind her.”

Lydia could certainly sympathize with that. After all, she herself had gone through three seasons with no luck, and Sophia was coming into the season with a scandal attached to her. But looking back, she could see now that God had had a plan for her all along. Just then Anthony poked his head into the sitting room where Lydia and Eliza were sitting and chatting and blew a kiss at his wife. Lydia smiled at him and found herself already looking forward to the evening when she would be in bed with Anthony.

“I think,” she said thoughtfully, “I wouldn’t worry too much for Sophia, as someone who did three seasons and is now utterly, deliciously, and wonderfully happy, I think she’ll be just fine.”


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  • Enjoyable read with likeable characters. The storyline was interesting since it covered a topic not usually touched on in a regency romance book.

  • An unusual topic concerning the man being the one who was worried about losing the lady he fell in love with. However I did enjoy the switch role. Thank keep up the work.

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  • Please do research! You phrases. Are in modern vernacular. Okay is not correct. Fine is correct. Great is incorrect. Wonderful is correct. If properly edited & researched your stories would good. I would not have read a second book had I not purchased the whole series. The dialogue is distracting & sounds false because it is written in modern vernacular. You could with a little work become a very good writer.

  • A great book I loved the twist and turns, and the happy ending. I had trouble putting it down.

  • The Viscount’s scandalous past forgiven by the loving kindness of his wife ushers in their HEA. Forgiveness is a true blessing!

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