Serving the Viscount – Extended Epilogue


“Would you like to see Elizabeth this morning?” Isabella came into the room and asked Hanna as Hanna breakfasted in the dining room. 

“Yes, definitely. Now would be a good time. Lord Morton always loves to see his little angel. How did she sleep?” Hanna asked. 

“Well as always.” Isabella smiled. “She is such a good little girl. She never makes a fuss at bedtime and sleeps right through the night.” 

“Yes, she is. I think she takes after her father’s temperament.” Both women laughed lightly. 

“I’ll just go get her then. I’ll be right back,” Isabella said, walking out of the room. 

Hanna sipped at her breakfast tea and marveled at her life. Isabella Frampton was now the governess to her daughter, Elizabeth—a wee red-haired toddler who Lawrence said looked just like his mother. Hanna agreed, but she thought her little girl acted most like her father and had all his best qualities. 

Isabella’s husband Brook was a footman for the family now. Everything had worked out well. It was so good to have friends in the manor, Hanna thought, and Isabella was her best friend. She supposed she always would be after all they had been through. After all, there would be no life for her like the one she had if Isabella hadn’t run away with Brook on that fateful night a few years ago. 

Lawrence had not yet come down to breakfast, but Hanna was waiting for him with excitement. She touched her stomach. She had news for him that she knew he was going to love hearing. Hanna ate another bite of toast, her appetite larger than usual. Just then, Lawrence strode into the dining room. He was just as handsome as the day she had met him—only a little gray at his temples distinguished him more. It had come on suddenly in the last year.  

He was still her Adonis. He could still make her speechless at times just from the sight of him, but not this morning. There was so much she wanted to tell him, but she would wait until they were alone later. 

“How did you sleep, my love?” He asked, smiling as he came to her and dropped a kiss on her forehead. His lips lingered there for a long moment. 

Hanna closed her eyes and smiled up at him. “Well, and you?” Hanna drank a sip of tea. 

“I can’t complain.” He sat in his chair. “What are your plans this morning? I was thinking…” he trailed off, smiling suggestively. They often returned to bed after breakfast when duties of the manor called him away early in the morning. 

“Yes, I was, too,” Hanna said. She wanted to tell him her news in their private chambers. “But Elizabeth is coming down to see you first.” 

“Wonderful. I can’t wait to see my little girl.” Lawrence ate a bite of eggs and smiled.  

He had a soft spot for his daughter, and it always made Hanna smile to see it. 

“Here she is!” Isabella called as she walked into the room, Elizabeth in her arms. The little girl was just starting to walk. 

“Da da!” Elizabeth said, grinning. 

“Come see me, my big girl. Daddy missed you last night. Did you sleep well?” He took her into his arms and hugged her tightly as she wriggled against him. 

“She seems happy this morning,” Hanna said, smiling. 

“Isn’t she always? She has such a sunny disposition. We are so lucky.” Lawrence jogged the girl up and down lightly on his knee, and she giggled. 

“We’ll be fine for a bit, Isabella. Please come back and get her at half past 9,” Hanna said. She couldn’t wait to be with just Lawrence, but she wouldn’t deprive him of his precious time with his daughter. She knew he had business to attend to around the estate later today and wouldn’t have much time to spend with her. 

Lawrence gave her a look. “You are looking well today. You are almost glowing. I can’t describe it.” He studied her harder. 

“Thank you, husband. I am feeling well.” He could see the effects of her state already, Hanna thought, happy about that. 

“It is like you have a light from within. You are most attractive,” Lawrence said. 

The baby cooed, and they laughed. 

“I think Elizabeth agrees with me,” Lawrence said as he whispered in the baby’s ear. 

“No secrets, now!” Hanna laughed. 

I think you are keeping secrets from me, but I shall get them out of you, my love. I have my ways, you know.” Lawrence winked. 

Hanna felt heat creep through her at the promise of his touch later. 

“Ah, you want to get down and walk, do you?” Lawrence asked as he set the little girl down on the floor. 

“Careful, Elizabeth,” Hanna said, watching the toddler take a shaky couple of steps toward the door. 

“Mama,” the baby answered. 

“She’s so sweet,” Hanna said and sighed, “but she’s growing so fast. I wish I could stop time.” 

“Alas, we cannot, my love, but it is good that she is growing strong and well. Is it not?” Lawrence ate a bite of toast, raising an eyebrow. 

“It is. Mothers just get silly over their children at times,” Hanna said, brushing a tear away. 

Lawrence stood up and walked to her end of the table. “Now, now. No more of that crying. Everything is good. Isn’t it?” He moved behind her, putting his hands on her shoulders. He began to rub them, and Hanna exhaled. 

“Yes, it is more than good, my love. I’m just sentimental.” Hanna smiled back at him. 

“I like that about you. Too many women are not these days. So many do not even want children, and yet, you love being a mother to our Elizabeth.” Lawrence kneaded her shoulders more deeply then, and Hanna closed her eyes. It was so relaxing. 

“Yes, I do enjoy it. She is one of the lights of my life. You are the other, of course, my dear.” She reached back and patted his hand. 

“I’m glad to hear it. I wouldn’t want anyone else to light up your life but me,” Lawrence said and leaned down, kissing her neck playfully. 

Elizabeth fell as she toddled toward them. She began to wail. 

Hanna got up from her chair. “Oh, my darling. You are alright. You just had a spill. Mama and daddy are here.” She picked up the child and hugged her. 

The tears soon stopped. “Da.” 

Hanna laughed. “I think she prefers you. I really do.” 

“I’m not sure about that. Da is easier to say, I have heard,” he said, grinning with pride. “Do you think Isabella will return soon?” He asked, brushing a hair from Hanna’s face. 

She closed her eyes. “I hope so. I love seeing the baby but…” she trailed off, biting her lip. 

“Yes, I have other things on my mind. I think you do, too, my love,” Lawrence said, drawing her to his side in a hug. 

The baby gurgled. 

Just then, Isabella appeared. “Are you ready for me to take her? I can come back in a bit.” She reached out for the child. 

“Yes, you can take her now. Thank you, Isabella.” Hanna handed the child over after kissing her on the forehead. 

“You’re welcome.” Hanna had dispensed with use of my lady unless guests were present. She had told Isabella they were too close for that, and she didn’t expect it of her. It felt too strange with the roles reversed as they were, too. 

“Have a good day, Ellie,” Lawrence said as they left the room. He raised an eyebrow and caught Hanna’s eye. “Shall we, or are you otherwise engaged this morning?” He stood up from his chair and crossed over to her, putting his arms around her shoulders from behind. 

She took his hands and squeezed them. Hanna laughed. “I am never too busy for you, my love. I have no other plans but idling the hours away with you in bed.” 

“You are so forward, my lady, and I like it,” Lawrence said playfully as he swatted her backside.  

Hanna took his hand, and they walked out of the room and upstairs. Halfway up the stairs, he swept her into his arms. 

“Oh, love. Can you carry me? I’m heavier than I once was!” She laughed and lay her head against his hard chest. 

“You are as light as a feather to me, my dear,” Lawrence said as they reached the door to their bed chamber.  

“I’m glad to hear it, but I don’t quite believe it,” Hanna said with a laugh.  

She felt breathless with excitement, both due to her secret and the fact that they were going to make love.  

Lawrence placed her gently on the bed. “You are ravishing this morning, darling. More so than usual. I don’t know what it is,” he said, studying her as he lay next to her. He stroked her face and kissed her lightly. 

“I think I have an idea. It’s a little secret I was going to tell you about, Lawrence,” Hanna said, biting her lip. 

“A secret? You know I can’t stand not to know everything. What is it?” Lawrence sprinkled kisses against her neck, distracting her. 

“I am pregnant again. You are going to be a father once more!”  

“Is it true?” Lawrence’s eyes widened. 

“It is. I just confirmed it with the physician yesterday.” Hanna reached up for him, and he hugged her fiercely. 

“My love! This is wonderful news,” Lawrence said. “I don’t know anything that would make me happier. I have you and Elizabeth, and now this little one on the way. Our life together is good, isn’t it?” He asked, squeezing her tightly. 

“Very good. I shudder to think what would have happened if I had never met you,” Hanna said. 

Lawrence let her go gently. “I try never to think about such things. It was fate that brought us together.” 

“Or Isabella,” Hanna said with a chuckle. 

“Her too. But the fact that we found each other is a miracle. I love you, my darling.” Lawrence kissed her again, his mouth demanding on hers. 

“I love you, too. You have made my life a fairy tale, Lawrence.” 

He smiled. “Well, you are certainly my queen. And we shall live happily ever after. I just know it.” 

They kissed, and Hanna forgot everything else in the world but him as he held her in his arms.

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