Lord Liar – Extended Epilogue


Hosting events had become one of Juliana’s favorite things to do. Owen noted that she took that from her mother. He had no qualms about it. As a matter of fact, he truly loved to watch Juliana put everything in order, he loved to see her be a good hostess.  

He had experienced first-hand what a marvelous hostess she was. It was yet the end of another season, and Juliana had suggested a picnic at Hyde Park with the entire family there. This came as a surprise to Owen, as Juliana had been terrified to go there for two years. Ever since her abduction.  

But when he asked her about it, Juliana said, “It has indeed been two years, love. This is how I intend to begin my healing.” she said.  

Owen was pleased to hear this. He smiled at her. “Whatever you may need, I am here for you.” 

While Juliana prepared everything that was needed before they left, with the aid of Louisa and some other maids, Owen entertained his son, Andrew, by taking the boy to see his mother’s paintings.  

Andrew had been born on a stormy day two years ago. The final months of Juliana’s pregnancy had been the most terrifying for Owen. He spent his nights reading poems to her, in order to soothe her and the babe. It seemed that Andrew had loved poetry while he was in the womb, because most times, he stopped his kicking when Owen began to read.  

Andrew looked a lot like him, with azure blue eyes and dark hair. But he did take after Juliana’s lips, as well as most of her passions. Although Owen had been told that it was quite too early to know what Andrew liked, he sensed that he was more like Juliana than he. Owen knew this because Andrew loved poetry and he liked to watch the paintings. These were apparent attributes he had gotten from Juliana.  

“This…” Andrew said, or so Owen thought he heard as his son placed his hand on a painting of Owen when he was quite younger. Owen went and squatted beside his son and then nodded.  

“It is I. I was nearly as young as you. A lad.” 

Andrew laughed and kept staring at the painting. Owen could have never imagined in his wildest dreams that he would ever be a father, and one who would love his child so dearly, at that. He never imagined that he would be so attached as well. His life was a perfect fit now. Nothing seemed out of place at all.  

Owen was so engrossed in staring at his son that he had not noticed that Juliana was standing by the door. He smiled when he saw her. She smiled in return. “You seem quite interested in the art. Shall I presume that you have no intention of going on this picnic?” 

Owen rose, stuck his hand in the pocket of his breeches, and sauntered over to Juliana. His voice was a whisper. “If we are both being honest, it should be clearly stated that I should rather spend the afternoon in the comfort of our bedchamber, with you writhing beneath me.” 

Juliana’s cheeks reddened. She shook her head slightly. “Owen…” 

Owen tried to hold back his laughter. Not just because he knew how he made her feel, but because the way she said his name set him in another mood. He decided to tone it down a tad, for he knew that it would only take a little effort to convince her of a little lovemaking before the picnic. But he did not want to do that. He wanted no rush, so it was better they went for the picnic and returned for lovemaking in the dead of the night.  

He cleared his throat to clear his thoughts as well before he spoke. “Were we not being completely honest with each other now?” 

“I do not wish to lose focus of what I truly want to do this afternoon.” She raised a brow. “Which is have a picnic with the family.” 

Owen raised his hand in the air and nodded. “Of course, my dear. I do not object to that.” 

“Ma…” Andrew called, right before he walked a bit and then stopped. He was still learning to walk. Juliana walked over to him and carried him.  

“My darling child,” she cooed. Andrew began to giggle. Owen smiled. He, too, was amused. It was so easy for Juliana to set Andrew in such a mood. It was easy for her to set a mood of light wherever she was. He was often happy around her. Each time he returned from work and he was stressed, he felt better when he sat in the drawing-room, beside Juliana, his eyes on the hearth. Her presence made him happy. He wondered how it was so effortless for her.  

His smile did not fade as he watched his family. He would have never thought that this would one day be himin love, a father, and happy. Within him, Owen wanted another child. And he prayed it was a lass this time. His grin widened. He surely would enjoy the efforts put into making the babe. 

“Pray tell what you find amusing?” Juliana raised a brow. He had not been aware when she turned to face him.  

Owen rubbed his chin and blushed. “Nothing that should be heard by Andrew.” 

Juliana blushed then. “Owen…” Owen chuckled and wriggled his brows. Juliana shook her head and gestured outside. “Shall we?” 

Owen nodded vigorously. “Of course, we shall.” 

He gestured for her to walk out, and she did, with Andrew in her arms. He walked behind them.  


The park was not busy when they arrived. It was easy to spot other family members. Lord and Lady Merlewood stood under a shade, conversing. Lord Everfair had only just arrived. The day seemed beautiful. The weather was perfect. Owen walked over to exchange pleasantries while the footmen set everything in place.  

“Oh, look at my dear lad,” Lady Merlewood said, taking Andrew in her arms. Andrew giggled and embraced her.  

Lord Merlewood stepped forward and shook hands with Owen. “Richmond.” 

“Lord Merlewood,” Owen responded. Lord Merlewood smiled at him.  

Since the abduction event, Lord Merlewood seemed to have grown fonder of Owen. He even began to recommend him, businesswise. It was like he became his own son. Once, when Owen had asked what had caused the tremendous change, Lord Merlewood had said, “You would protect Juliana no matter what, and that matters to me.” 

“How do you do?” Lord Merlewood asked.  

“Very well, mlord.” Owen grinned.  

“Lord Harper did say that the spice trade 

“Papa.” Juliana turned to them. “I beg to differ, but no business discussions here. This picnic is for merriment. I shan’t have you overshadow it with business.” 

Everyone burst into laughter. Lord Everfair approached then. Juliana was the first to acknowledge him with an inclination of her head.  

“Juliana.” Lord Everfair smiled.  

She smiled at him. “I am glad you could make it, your grace.” Then she turned to Andrew. “Come now, come greet your grandfather.” 

Andrew widened his arms and walked towards Owen’s father. They all applauded. It was scary to Owen how quickly his son was growing. How time was flying. He still recalled vividly his birth, and now he was beginning to speak and walk. “Stunning,” Owen whispered.  

Lord Everfair embraced the lad, chuckling. “So energetic he is. Just as Owen was.” 

Owen smiled awkwardly. It seemed odd for his father to speak of him as a child. He had never heard his father speak that way. Despite the fact that his father had apologized years ago, everything was not automatically put together when it came to their relationship. They worked together but barely spoke. Their conversations were cordial and without arguments. But that was it.  

Although he saw efforts on his father’s part, Owen felt a bit uncomfortable about everything. How would it be possible to fix a relationship that had been broken for over two decades? When he had expressed this to Juliana, she had encouraged him to also make effort to completely heal his relationship with his father, saying that it was never too late.  

“He is your father, darling. And what is important is that he is making the effort for everything to be better.” Juliana was right. And that was when Owen realized that he had been making no effort at all. He decided that he would begin to do so. This picnic would be an opportunity to begin, he had told himself.  

When Andrew was carried away by the nursemaid, Juliana turned to chat with both her parents and Owen was left with his father beside him. He cleared his throat. “Good day, Father.” 

“Owen.” Lord Everfair smiled. Both men had their hands behind them.  

“A beautiful day,” Owen said, trying to make a conversation.  

Indeed, it is. You have a beautiful family, Owen. I am so proud of you.” 

Owen was proud of himself too. He was proud of how much he had been able to achieve. “Thank you, Father.” 

“This is all I wanted for you, son. That’s why I did everything, for your happiness.” Lord Everfair sighed. “I know what I did was…extreme, but I had hoped that doing so would push you to be better. I had thought that doing all those things would make it easier for you to discover yourselfbefore it was too late.” 

Thinking back at everything that had happened, Owen had to admit that his father had aided in this success, in his happiness, though not in the best way. He had his father to thank for Juliana. It was his father’s threat that had made him attend Lady Jane’s ball. It was because of that that he was able to save Juliana, that he was even able to meet her.  

And then came the wedding. Everything had happened for a reason. Every action and event that had happened in his life was to lead him to where he was supposed to be. Having lacked love from the one person he considered his only familyhis fathermeeting Juliana was different. Her love was different, and it had arrested him. It had held his attention so much. It was new and it was a combination of everything he had longed for over the years. These thoughts made Owen smile. He turned to his father and did something he never thought he would do.  

“I want to apologize, Father. Although you took quite the harsh route in making me see reason, I do regret not being the son you truly wanted. I understand that you loved Mother dearly and losing her made you feel as though you could not raise me on your own. I never even want to imagine losing Juliana. But I feel as though I understand you better now.” 

“There is no justification for pushing you away, my son,” Lord Everfair interrupted.  

Owen nodded. There really was no justification. “You are indeed right. But I bear no grudge against you. I forgive you, Father. And I want us to begin to be family again. And thank you for pushing me harder. Because of you, I was able to achieve all of this. I have a family of my own now and I know my way around the business. Perhaps everything was just the way it was meant to be.” 

Lord Everfair was smiling at Owen. It was a proud smile. One that Owen had not seen in years. One that Owen was happy for. Their moment was interrupted by a voice Owen had not heard in a long time.  

“Richmond now comes for picnics? And I had spent the day seeking him out at White’s.”  

Owen would recognize his cousin’s voice anywhere. He turned with a grin. As expected, the man who approached was Lord Edward of Carnavon.  

“Well, look who decided to return to London,” Owen teased as he met his cousin midway.  

Edward chuckled. He held out his hand and embraced Owen. “When word got to me that you were now wed and a father, too, I wondered if there was something about London that did that to you.” 

“Have you come in search of a wife?” Owen joked.  

Edward tilted his head. “I am here to visit you, cousin.” 

Then he turned to Lord Everfair, who had been watching their exchange for a while. “Lord Everfair, thrilled to see you.” 

“As am I, Edward. How have you been?” Lord Everfair asked.  

“I have been well. Traveling. I am only here now to see Owen, as the news of his changed life got to me.” Edward grinned. Owen recalled when Edward began his travels. He had been thrilled to leave London and see the world. Although he had returned a few times to visit.  

Owen and Edward had grown up together. They had spent their teenage years at Tilford Manor. But Edward’s stay had been brief. He only arrived during the season and left immediately once the season ended. Edward had been one of Owen’s closest friends. Owen was pleased to see him.  

“I had no idea word about my life had spread to such far reaches. I suppose I should be grateful.” Owen sighed dramatically. Edward shook his head.  

“You should not be too surprised. Once a rake, now a father? I’m certain those two attributes are too far apart. The news of your lifechanging situation should keep people shocked. I hope you intend to introduce me to my second cousin as well as your wife.” 

Owen chuckled. “I do, indeed. But tell me, how was it that you knew where to find us?” 

“Mr Whitmore would never withhold information from me.” Edward winked. Owen smirked. They both made their way over to where the rest of the family were gathered. Owen and Edward began to talk as they walked. Edward was more than thrilled to engage Owen in tales of his travels. He was in the middle of speaking when he suddenly stopped. His gaze was focused on something. Curiosity made Owen trail this gaze. Stunned was not enough to describe how Owen felt when his trail landed on Louisa.  

“Who might that be, Owen?” Edward whispered.  

“Juliana’s lady’s maid,” Owen responded. Edward barely nodded as he kept on staring at Louisa. Owen raised both his brows but said nothing. It was apparent that Edward seemed attracted to her.  

Just then, Juliana called the attention of everyone present, her grin broad. “It is time for us to come together,” she said.  

“Oh come, you shall meet Juliana now,” Owen announced to Edward before he made his way over to Juliana and took his rightful position beside her. 

 His father made his way over and the nursemaid brought Andrew to them. Owen was surprised to see that Edward had not come to him, rather he was still rooted to the spot he had left him in, staring at intervals at Louisa, who was busy with a few preparations. Although he seemed to try to keep it subtle, Owen easily took notice.  

“Who might that be?” Juliana whispered beside Owen.  

“My cousin, Edward. He has come to see my family.” 

“It seems to me that he is smitten,” Juliana chuckled.  

“Indeed,” Owen said. Edward really did appear smitten. Owen could not wait to see where all this would lead. And with the way Juliana was staring at the pair, Owen could happily say he was not the only one who hoped to see the outcome of the immediate attraction between his cousin and his wife’s lady’s maid.  

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