In the Baron’s Debt – Extended Epilogue


“So, it is the second time you have now seen the play, what did you think of it this time round?” Loftus was smiling as they stood by the bar in the theatre, ordering their drinks.

“It is still a little ridiculous,” she laughed as she took the glass that he offered to her. They had gone to see another performance of Midsummer Night’s Dream at the theatre in London.

Loftus had claimed it was time for her to revisit the story and give it a second chance, reminding her of their conversation in the abandoned house when they had kissed in the storm.

“Yes, it is ridiculous,” Loftus laughed with a shake of his head. “What with all the fairies running around and confusing matters. All very magical.”

“And of course, poor Tatiana falling in love with a man who has the head of a donkey!” To her words, he chuckled again. “That has to be the most farcical thing I have ever seen in the theatre.”

“I rather think that was the point,” he offered her his arm and steered her away from the bar towards the other guests and some seating. She leaned towards him, loving the ease and happy conversation they now shared.

“Yes, it was, and I greatly enjoyed it,” they sat together in two seats, side by side. Though both sat on the very edge of their chairs, hand in hand, eager to not be parted from each other.

Their marriage was still but a few months old, and their longing for one another had not faded.

“I will admit though,” she smirked. “When we last saw the performance, I believe one of my key complaints was that I did not believe how the true lovers could become so confused and deceived by someone meddling with their happiness. Based on our events, I guess I have to revise my opinion on that subject.”

“I rather hoped you would.” He nodded, sharing in her humor. “So, you accept it is a good play?”

“Well…” She paused, thinking through her thoughts for a moment. “I accept it is an entertaining play and that it is possible indeed for the romantic parties in the story to be so deceived. As for the fairy running around with the magic potion fooling everyone into thinking that they love one another, well, that I still find quite absurd.”

He laughed in reply, enjoying her jests.

“We should bring Markus to the theatre, I think he would enjoy it,” she smiled at the idea.

“That is a good idea,” he looked across the other theatre goers. “We might have to wait until he is a little older though, as I do not see any children here. He is happy at the moment, anyway.” He turned back to her. “He is getting better at the piano every day.”

“So he is. I would like to encourage him to ride next, if you have no objection?”

“I have no objection at all,” he laughed. “You are as much his parent now as I am, you know that. You do not need to ask my permission for anything.”

“I know, but I like joint decisions,” she lifted her chin high. “I am not sure Markus agrees though. I’ve discovered when you say no to something, he comes and asks me instead.”

“I know. My innocent boy has revealed he can be quite mischievous after all.”

“I think it is entertaining,” she shook her head, thinking on the small boy she now loved so much. She looked at Markus as her true family, just as he seemed to do the same with her. Together they were mother and son, despite no blood bond between them. The boy knew she would always be there for him and he responded with such displays of love and affection that he frequently brought tears to her eyes.

He had made such progress with his mutism that now and he nolonger seemed to react when in the company of women. Other than Augusta, they had not yet left him alone with another woman, but in time she knew they would. It was a case of moving one step at a time, that was all.

“Augusta!” A familiar voice called to her through the crowd. She turned in her chair, delighted to see James was walking through the guests towards them. Behind him, the party of women he had left were looking longingly after him.

“Your brother has eyes watching him wherever he goes,” Loftus whispered to her before James could reach their side.

“Believe me, he is very aware of it,” she whispered back, leaning towards him. “He has turned into quite the rogue these days.” As she said these words, James was stopped on route towards them by two young ladies that were eager to engage him in conversation. “As a demonstration to my words,” she gestured towards what was taking place, much to Loftus’ amusement.

“Is there a lady here this evening that your brother does not know?” He shook his head, his eyes watching James closely.

“I imagine not,” she nodded. “I reckon he has probably danced and charmed every young lady here!”

“He should be careful. The ton’s opinion can quickly change when it comes to such charmers.”

“I do not think it is what he wants forever,” she looked back to Loftus with a smile, turning away from the charming countenance James was affecting for the two ladies he was speaking to.

“How do you mean?” Loftus raised his eyebrows with curiosity.

“In case you had not noticed, James dotes on Markus,” she whispered, as though it were a great secret. “He is very keen to be a good uncle towards him.”

“I have noticed,” Loftus agreed. “After the debts he has been in, it makes me worry when he is willing to buy Markus so many gifts. I do not want him to struggle financially.”

“He is doing better,” Augusta pointed out. “He tells me he has not played cards since he lost all that money to you.”

“I feel I should say that he should not have lost that money to me in the first place, but I cannot, otherwise you and I would not be married,” he smiled, it was an intimate smile as he raised her hand to his lips and kissed the back.

“I cannot regret it either,” she squeezed his hand with warmth. “But it has to be acknowledged that James has bettered himself. He does not drink so much anymore, and he dotes on Markus; he never plays cards, never gambles, nor does he go to gaming halls anymore.”

“Ah, I see what you are thinking!” Loftus pointed to her with a smile. “You think he likes the idea of a family of his own?”

“I think it is possible,” she shrugged innocently, hoping she was not projecting her wishes for James onto him. “Maybe if he can fall in love someday too, he will have a family of his own.” She looked at her brother, seeing the familiar signs in his face of a wish to extricate himself from the conversation. He glanced towards her, showing that he was trying to make his way to her side.

“Perhaps in time, he will find the perfect woman,” Loftus offered her a wink as they continued to hold tightly to each other’s hand.

“Perhaps so,” she smiled. “Time can do good things, but if it is a family that he longs for then I fear the future may make him want it all the more.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, when Markus has a little brother or sister, there will be even more people in our family for him to dote on and send gifts for.” She leaned towards the husband she loved so much, trying to see if he had understood her full meaning, but he had not.

“So, there will be, but you do not need to worry about that yet,” he sipped from his glass.

“I am afraid it is something to worry about now,” she said, reiterating her point as he peered at her over the glass rim. “Markus will have a little brother or sister within the year.”

He began to choke on the wine in his glass. Augusta tried to hold back her laughter as he placed the glass down on a nearby table and coughed loudly, trying to clear his throat.

“Do you mean…?” He breathed deeply, trying to catch his brother. “You are…?” He gestured to her stomach, trailing off, unable to finish his words. His green eyes were wide with anticipation.

“I am,” she nodded, her smile pinging into place.

“Augusta,” he took her hand in both of his, pulling her even closer towards him. “We will have a child? A new little child for Markus to play with?”

“We will,” she brought up her other hand to join his, never wanting to let him go. “We will have that complete little family we have talked of for so long.”

He lowered his head to kiss her hand again, there were tears in his eyes though he did not let them fall.

“My family,” he smiled, his eyes glistening. “Thank God James was so poor at playing cards!”

Augusta laughed with gusto just as someone appeared behind them.

“Perhaps we should have a re-match some time.” It was James.

“James!” To Augusta’s reprimand, he laughed and waved the idea away.

“I am only joking, dear sister, I have not played cards for many months.” He sat down at her side in a free chair. “Now, would you two care to tell me why you are both wearing such ridiculous smiles?”

Augusta and Loftus shared a look for a moment.

“Do you want to tell him or shall I?” She asked, barely able to stay sitting in her seat from the excitement.

“You best tell him,” he released her hands and sat back in his chair. “I have still not cleared the wine from my throat after my own surprise.” He coughed to emphasize his point and picked up the wine glass again.

“Tell me what?” James asked with excitement, leaning forward. “It must be good news. I have only ever seen you two smile this much on your wedding day.”

“It is the very best news,” Augusta leaned towards him across the arm of her chair, ready to whisper to him that there was to be a new addition to her family.

As she prepared to speak, she paused for a moment, looking closely at her brother. She wished with all her heart that he could find his own happiness. That he could push past his roguish days and find just one woman to love.

She supposed Loftus was right, that all it would take was a little time. A little longer for James to find his joy. She could hardly be surprised at that. She glanced back to Loftus thinking how her own happiness had been delayed by eight years, but how every moment she lived now was worth the pain of those eight years.

Augusta looked back to James with a smile.

“Loftus and I are going to have a baby.”

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