Her Rake of Hearts – Extended Epilogue

Even a character, a scene, or anything. You could say no if nothing bothered you.

July, 1809

The Helios Lyttleton Agency was booming. Adrian had stopped working as a Bow Street Runner, since every case that came to the office asked for him specifically. The very public arrest of Lord Edwin Cambell, Earl of Montrose, had captured the attention of all of England. Everyone wanted Adrian Rawdon and his wife on their case now. King George had even bestowed the title of Viscount on Adrian, which now made Rebecca a Viscountess.

In order to keep the Runners afloat, and his sanity intact, Rebecca suggested he open a private practice. He had been more than happy to take over the rent and all legalities at the Helios Lyttleton Agency. Frank, too, was happy–he wanted nothing more to do with detective work. He and his wife Eliza were even thinking about moving to the country, and they’d take his mother with them.

Everything was coming up roses.

Rebecca stood in front of the small, unadorned headstone marking the grave of her dear friend Sally. They’d not been able to recover her body, but Rebecca insisted on a headstone. She’d purchased a small plot with her new money as Viscountess, and figuratively laid Sally to rest at the top of the hill. They buried her diary, letters, and lily necklace, which she was so fond of. It was something, at least, and Rebecca visited the gravesite every week.

“Hello, my dear friend,” Rebecca whispered, kneeling in front of the headstone and placing a bouquet of fresh lilies in front of it. “I miss you so much. I wish you were here with me now.”

A gentle breeze brushed against Rebecca’s cheek as if in response to her words. She closed her eyes and breathed the crisp, clean air, letting the cool air wash over her. She smiled as she recalled their times together, their shared laughter, and their whispered secrets. But those memories were now tinged with sadness, with the knowledge that Sally had been brutally taken from her.

Even though Lord Edwin was behind bars, awaiting trial for his heinous crimes, Rebecca still felt a sense of unease. The knowledge that he had been capable of such violence, of taking the life of someone so dear to her, still haunted her.

She opened her eyes and looked up at the sky, watching the clouds drift lazily. Sally had always loved looking up at the sky, pointing out the shapes of the clouds and telling stories about the constellations. Rebecca smiled again, imagining Sally up there among the stars, looking down on her with a fondness that transcended death.

“Thank you, Sally,” she whispered. “Thank you for everything.”

The breeze picked up again, blowing stronger this time, and Rebecca let a tear slip from her eye. She had never been particularly emotional before this. This entire year had been one of the most emotional of her life, and she’d probably cried more times in the fall and winter of 1808 than she had ever.

The sky darkened as thunder rumbled overhead. Rebecca sighed and stood up, brushing the grass from her petticoats. She needed to return to the office and help Adrian. Every day, new cases arrived, requiring the hiring of additional staff. Former military men, women with a knack for puzzles, and all manner of clever individuals were applying at the Helios Lyttleton Agency. Rebecca had insisted on women being allowed to work as detectives rather than just maids or secretaries. She also demanded that they be paid the same as men, to which Adrian did not object. Most of London thought it was odd, but she liked it. Women who had to work for a living, in whatever capacity, had her respect, and she was happy to give them that chance.

As she walked up the steps, noticing the sign swaying in the breeze, she heaved a deep sigh. There was a long line out the door. She squeezed past, excusing herself, and saw Adrian at the front desk. When he saw her arrive, his eyes lit up with love, and he excused himself.

“One moment, please, gentlemen. I must consult with my wife.”

“I did not mean to leave you in such a rush,” she said, feeling a little guilty.

“It is nothing I cannot handle. Although, we do need to hire more staff quickly,” he agreed.

“Yes. You and I will need to take less investigations soon,” she said, reflexively placing a hand over her stomach.

Adrian looked at her, brow furrowed in confusion.

“What? Whatever do you mean?”

“Darling,” Rebecca said breathlessly, “I’m with child.”

Adrian looked down to where her hand lay over her stomach, then back up to her eyes. He grinned, as broadly as he had when she’d accepted his proposal earlier that year. Then he whooped and laughed, picking her up and twirling her in the air.

“I cannot believe it! We are to be parents,” he said, setting her back down and resting his forehead against hers.

“Indeed, we are,” she said with a laugh.

“Excuse me,” came a small childish voice from below.

Rebecca and Adrian broke apart quickly, and looked down to see a small child, probably no more than seven or eight, holding a newspaper advertisement of the office.

“Yes, darling? How can we help?” Rebecca asked, crouching so she was eye level with the little girl.

“My sister’s gone. Can you help me find her?”

Rebecca looked back at Adrian, who nodded.

“Of course, little one. That’s what we’re here for,” she said in a soothing voice.

And thus, the game was afoot once again.

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